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07 Jan 2015

Happy 2015! Here's some new music...

HAPPY 2015 STAVES FANS! Our waistlines have expanded and our resolutions have already been broken. What's not to love about January, eh?

The good news is that this is the year that our new album, If I Was, comes out. The not-so-good news is that the release date is now being pushed back to March 23rd. We are so sorry to make you wait even longer than expected, but it is completely out of our control (and to be honest with you, almost beyond our comprehension). Thanks for your patience.

To sweeten the blow, we are sharing some NEW MUSIC with you. The song is called Steady and some of you may recognise it from our live set. It was one of the first songs we demo-ed when we went out to Wisconsin last year and Camilla broke not one, but TWO drum sticks during the recording! Rock n roll. We really hope you like it.

There will be even more music coming your way very shortly (along with a brand new video featuring a LOT of hairspray). That's about it for now, so let us end by saying; get pre-ordering, people! Apparently it's really important...


E, J & C xxx